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Advangages of Scaffolding Frame

1. Scaffolding Frame are widely used in construction as working platform or support syetem.

2. Scaffolding Frame are highly economic benefit compared with other scaffoldings.

3.  Scaffolding Frame are easily assembled and dismantled, saving you plenty of time and labor.

4. Scaffolding Frame can be used over and over again and the durability of 10 years or more, the recovery of the initial cost can be realized, the maintenace cost is small

5.  It looks appearing and so beautiful.


The application of scaffolding frame

It was widely used in buildings, hall, bridges, and control grid inside and outside of high buildings, also may take mechanical and electrical installation,renovation of the activities of the working platform, the equipment service,the paint whitewash, temporary viewing platform, etc.

1: Good quality
2: Lower price
3: Best service,
4: Experienced technical support.
5; Good quality and easy installation.
6: Standard package and timely delivery

Packaging & Delivery
Package: Woven bags with pallets / pallet, carton box, as your request.
Delivery: Within 30 days after confirmationpallet, carton, as your request.

Production equipment
We have full set of production equipment, including automatic welding machine, powder coating machine, punching machine, rolling machine, sand blasting and etc.

Research & development

Our factory have our own R&D person and moulding workshop, we can design and produce according to the customer’s requirements.
Quality control
Our factory uses state-of-the-art facilities to ensure products meet the standards BS1139 and EN74 in the America and European countries, and we will sample check the products before delivery by our quality department.

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